The Virginia Patriots Wrestling Club is a place where a young wrestler can go for more advanced instruction, more advanced partners in the room and more advanced competition.  The focus is on training and we moderate competition as needed throughout the season.  We are generally on the road on any given weekend of the season and competition varies from the most advanced open tournaments and dual meets available to local events.  We work hard to find the right mix of events that fit the needs of the wrestlers in the room on a given weekend.   The good news is that there is no shortage of options.  You can refer to the calendar section of the site to see the latest list of planned events.  All events are optional for wrestlers and parents.  As coaches we can take 4 kids or 40 kids.  There is no pressure.  That said, there is a system to what we offer and the weekly cycle of competition followed by working on areas of opportunity in the room and back to competition is a cycle of improvement that the wrestler cannot experience without the competition.

During the season, there is a defined set of techniques that we focus on that has become part of our system over the years with lots of input.  This system has produced many state champions and place winners over the past 10 years.  We work with individuals who have their own "go to" techniques and may find tweaks, improvements or ways to pivot into something new.   This is the fun part of coaching and will put as much time into individuals as they are willing to commit to.

One main goal of the program is to prepare the wrestler for High School and College.  This is a great program for kids as they get closer to the age when they will be under the pressure of High School competition.  There is only one requirement.  The kid must want to be in the room.  We are not interested in having anybody in the room who does not want to be there.  We will coach anyone who has the desire to advance with the objective of constant improvement.  If there is one thing that this sport teaches kids that they can take into any life adventure is how to react to failure.  If your wrestler doesn't experience some degree of failure throughout their season we aren't doing our job to find the right level of competition.  If the wrestler is having too many failures we aren't doing our job either.  How we react to failure in life and on the wrestling mat is one of the most important skills that can be learned.  The wrestling room is a classroom for life skills. 

We look forward to meeting you and welcome you to the wrestling community with the Virginia Patriots.

Coaching Credentials 

Bryan Burns

Brett Stein